Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gospel-Centred Leadership???

My mate Darren Dakers over at Malyon Leadership asked me to write an article on the concept of Gospel-Centred Leadership. It is a concept that has been on my mind for a while because I have seen the terminology embraced right across the spectrum of churches but often with no real change of intent.  It has made me wonder if we really know what we are talking about or if we have just latched onto a buzz-word for the perceived "edginess" it brings.  The following is an exert taken from the article:

"However, the problem of uncritically embracing the latest buzz-word is that often we re-badge everything but just keep doing what we were always doing… all that changes is the buzz-word.... I guess my goal in this article is to investigate one question: What difference should being truly gospel-centred make to our leadership?

If it is anything, surely gospel-centredness needs to facilitate God’s purposes for the gospel rather than just rubber-stamping ours."

Check out the whole article here.

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